5 in 1 Technique

5 in 1 Surgery (5 Surgeries in 1 Visit)

Beginning in the mid 90’s, patients started asking Dr. Leon Chen if there was an easier way to get all the various procedures completed that was both less complicated and required less healing time.  Traditional implant techniques can take up to 5 years to complete, and in many cases, patients or doctors just give up.  The traditional implant techniques involve painful and lengthy procedures that have long periods of downtime, often leaving patients with only a temporary removable denture during this entire process.  In some cases, general anesthesia is even required, causing many patients to fear even starting their implant procedures.  For years, Dr. Leon Chen and Dr. Jennifer Cha worked tirelessly to produce dental implants that met the patients’ needs, while eliminating unnecessary trauma(s), while also maintaining the ability to complete all procedures within 3-6 months from the initial visit date.  Meanwhile, our patients all have fixed temporary crowns for aesthetics and function.  Dr. Chen and Dr. Cha’s 5 in 1 technique has been proven with a 99% success rate for the past 12 years.

During this endeavor, Dr. Chen and Dr. Cha developed 3 patented instruments and two surgical techniques called Hydraulic Sinus Condensing and Vertical Cosmetic Gum Translation to accommodate this challenging patient request. From this dynamic research, the 5 in 1 technique was pioneered. Using this technique, dental implants only take one 30-minute visit to perform all necessary procedures, allowing the patient to go home with fixed temporary teeth.  One office visit, and one visit approximately 3 to 6 months following the initial surgery, and the implant procedure is complete.

Not only does Dr. Chen and Dr. Cha perform the 5 in 1 technique on patients, they also certify other doctors on this technique as well, which has forever changed the way in which dental implant procedures are performed.  See below for examples of Dr. Chen, Dr. Cha, and the ADIC team’s 5 in 1 technique, performed on numerous patients.