Dental Implant Complication Expert

Dental Implant Complication Expert

We occasionally see patients that have developed complications post implant placement. Most implants placed are successful, however some implants will require additional, specialized care.

The following situations are indication that the implant has developed complications and will require specialized treatment:

  • When brushing, the gums around the implant bleed
  • The gums are inflamed around the implant (bluish-purple or red)
  • The gums around the implant are swollen
  • The area around the implant is painful or sensitive for long periods of time
  • Pus is coming from the gums or implant site
  • The implant is loose
  • You can see the threads of the implant

Implant Problems can be caused by poor placement originally, lacking integration with bone or infection.

Proper Implant Placement is critical for the successful outcome of your implant. If the implant is placed in the wrong position, typical biting and chewing can cause the implant to loosen or fall out. Loose implants are more prone to infection as well.

Infection around the implant is called peri-implantitus which usually includes bone loss. This is usually caused by poor oral habits (lack of brushing and flossing), health problems such as diabetes or habits such as smoking.

Dr. Jennifer Cha has developed an instrument specifically designed to remove failing and/or compromised implants. This instrument allows us to less invasively remove and replace implants.

As implants become more and more popular, many more doctors are placing them, and since training varies from doctor to doctor, we are having a large number of people coming to us with complications. The American Dental Implant Center can fix ANY complication, no matter how bad or “hopeless” the case may be. At the American Dental Implant Center we have placed over 30,000 implants, and we have the tools and the knowledge needed to fix any implant problems that may arise.

Case 1:

This patient was originally happy with the implant they had received, however after time the gums began to recede and the implant began to protrude through the gums. The patient came to us for help. We were able to repair this implant using a ridge augmentation technique.

Before After photos

Case 2:

This patient shopped around and was quoted a lower price for her implants than we charged, and she had her implant placed somewhere else for cheaper. This implant had become severely infected and the infection had spread to her neck. After her doctor explained that he couldn't help her, she came back to us to see if we could fix it.





Case 3:

This patient had their implants placed 15 years prior, and since then, their doctor had retired. Over time the patient had begun to bite on their tongue. For over 5 years the patient looked for a doctor who would repair and finish the work that another doctor had performed, but every doctor they went to refused. The patient came to the American Dental Implant Center and we were able to help

Before: The position of the implants was too close to the tongue, and their alignment and position was off.


After: We removed the old implants and replaced them with new ones in the proper place. The patient has been pain free ever since.