General Dentistry

Dr. jennifer Cha provides high quality dental care to people of all agents in Pasadena, CA. Our
family-friendly team provides cleanings, checkups, and other treatments for patients. We manage your overall oral health by administering a wide array of services and treatments. American Dental Implant center tailors each treatment towards the individual need of the patient, young or old.

Healthy smiles for people of all ages

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 9 out of 10 working-age adults have cavities in a permanent tooth. Our family dentistry services empower people of all ages to take better care of your teeth. Regular dental visits are more than just the standard cleaning and checkup. Each visit you will receive home care regimen recommendations and complimentary samples of products that best suit your needs based on your personal hygiene needs

General Dental Care

Regularly visiting our office is a great way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. American Dental Implant Center is committed to continual education and learning, and it's our goal to help you enjoy a bright smile. Whether you are interested in a routine cleaning, need to have a few cavities filled, or would like to learn more about modern dental implants. Our office environment is comfortable and relaxing and designed to reduce stress and discomfort. We rely on cutting-edge technology that can help reduce the amount of time that your procedure requires.

Our friendly and helpful office staff will treat you with compassion, and we're prepared to address a wide variety of your dental needs. Making your appointment with us gives you access to an office that provides:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns or bridges

American Dental Implant Center has convenient appointments during the week and on the weekend. If you'd like to find a good time to see if you can benefit from our dental care, give our attentive office staff a call and schedule today.